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Traveling Diva, a.k.a. Yeni Alvarez is an artist, sitcom star, Spanish media celeb, travel expert, accomplished animation and voice artist, and chrononaut, and sci-fi geek. This jet-setting citizen of the world, escaped from Cuba at the age of 9 with her family and has enjoyed travel adventures ever since.  A complete 360 from her days starring in the hit sitcom “Los Beltran,” this diva’s life now revolves around discovering the best values in travel and most fabulous destinations for the everyday diva.  This bon vivant makes her home in Southern California but her heart is is split between NYC and somewhere on an island in the Caribbean.

Mark DeCarlo + A Fork on the Road Show

Mark_DeCarloJoin host and comedian Mark DeCarlo & the Traveling Diva each week as they embark on a great quest for food, travel and fun! Mark & Yeni will be having interviews each week with interesting and unique folks across the world who travel for a living, including musicians, chefs, and comedians.

Mark & Yeni are here to help YIMG_0594OU the listener with your travel-related questions. All you have to do is call 424 – 250 – FORK, leave your name and contact information and we’ll have you on the show to have Mark & The Traveling Diva troubleshoot your problem. You might even be able to score some free stuff just by participating.  We’ll see you at A Fork On The Road! www.aforkontheroadshow.com


Featuring the brilliance of Travel Divas:

Emanuela Cariolagian

Emanuela Cariolagian is our Paris Correspondent and Paris Chic Lifestyle extraordinaire.  Living between the US and fabulous Paris, Emanuela still finds the time in between trips to write for Traveling Diva from her private jet. www.beinthenews.com



Jes Alexander


Jes Alexander works too hard, and travels not often enough.  Once an award-winning restoration architect and designer, Jes spent several years writing a column for the San Francisco Chronicle, created the award-winning quarterly(‘ish) journal of first-person sarcasm, The Irreverent Homemaker, and is now changing the face of the daily print media as Publisher of the bilingual and worldwide Herald de Paris.


Isabella Martiner


Isabella Martiner is a travel writer that shares her time between Barcelona and Los Angeles. She is a libra, likes thai food and her imaginary children are named Jack and Zoe.

Anjanette Delgado

Anjanette Delgado is an Emmy-award winning television journalist and has been writing and producing for over eighteen years. She has written and produced lifestyle and art documentaries, sitcoms, short films and current event, news and entertainment specials for MGM Latin America, CNN, NBC, Telemundo, mun2, Univision and Urban Latino, among others. Her latest project is a sitcom tentatively titled “Great in Bed,” currently in development with HBO Latin America, and she has just completed her first novel, titled “The Heartbreak Pill.” She lives in Miami with her teenage daughters, her husband and their Sharpei/Boxer/Mutt, Sophie GE


Yanet Lopez


Yanet Lopez is a fabulous mommy of two and a wife of one. Her days are filled with work duty and child dooties, as well as day dreaming of her next trip out of town.


Anna Carranza

Anna Carranza is a fan of rainy nights, who sometimes abuses hot sauce. She is a travel writer and lifestyle connoisseur living in Southern California. Hobbies include writing fiction, flame-throwing, full-contact origami and existential pyrotechnics.

Angela Rocco DeCarlo


Angela Rocco DeCarlo is a former Chicago journalist, who covers travel, entertainment, lifestyle & business, with credits in Chicago Tribune, Sun Times, Las Vegas Review Journal, Disney Magazine and many other publications. This Travel Grandmama’s column can be viewed at http://angelaroccodecarlo.blogspot.com.



Amanda Gunderson


Amanda Gunderson is a travel writer and comedian based in Los Angeles.  She loves finding the art, music, and food that make the soul of a city when traveling.  When at home, she is constantly inspired by the fabulous City of Angels.  She loves fine chocolate, cooking and being around family, but not necessarily in that order.


Josie Villa-Singleton

I am Josie Villa-Singleton , aka Travelista. In Spanish “lista” means ready, combined with travel means you are ready for travel. My aim is to provide information so that you are ready for travel. Travelista is also a spin on the word “fashionista” and my other mission is to inform you on how to look as stylish as possible while traveling.

Barbara Alvarez


Married at age fifteen to her soul mate, Barbara Alvarez learned how to cook real Cuban cuisine from her grandmother Nena.  Fourty three years later she is still cooking for her husband Miguel, and teaching her two daughters their way around the kitchen.  She is legendary in her neighborhood and people come from all over asking about her ‘flan.’  Read all about her delicious cuisine in her upcoming book:  “Así Cocina Mamá!”

Alegre Ramos

Alegre Ramos is a LEED AP interior designer and green living expert based in the San Fernando Valley.  Her store, Green and Greener, is located in Valley Village and online at http://green-and-greener.com.  Stay up to date on important green info by signing-up for her Twitter feed http://twitter.com/greenandgreener.  Copyright Green and Greener 2010.  All rights reserved.


Miguel A. Alvarez -Photographer


Miguel Angel Alvarez found his love for landscape photography after his retirement at age 62 from the electrical industry. After a visit to Las Vegas Peter Lik Gallery, he realized his dream was attainable.






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