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Contributing Diva: Anjanette Delgado

thumbThere’s something about Miami. It welcomes you by not making too much of a fuss about you. “Oh, so there you are,” it seems to say. “Great. Dale, Chico. Te veo después y nos tomamos un café.” And you know, it’s happy to see you.

My favorite spot to welcome the day in all of Miami is not anywhere near the infamous SoBe of the tanned and gorgeous. It’s not on a boat gliding past tall downtown buildings on bayside waters. It’s sitting on the sidewalk facing the huge, colorful, exhuberant sculpture at the entryway of the otherwise unremarkable Dadeland Metrorail Station in South Miami.

It ́s fittingly called “Welcome” and stands amid the light gray concrete on mornings when my own bed wants nothing to do with me and, as my mother would say, “el que me fume, pierde el vicio.”

And here’s the trick: you sit on the sidewalk in front of it with your newspaper and your strong, sugary, Cuban coffee… you look at it for awhile… and pretty soon you start to feel happy and… god forbid… optimistic. By then you’ll look a little crazy to couples walking by with their strollers or their dogs, so taking a few pictures of the pure, innocent, joyous embrace it offers won’t make much of a difference. (I recommend polaroids because you ́ll want to touch your production immediately. Don’t make it too precious. You’ll be back.)

Its creator, Romero Britto, has long been an outcast of the traditional art world. (“He’s too commercial.”) He’s also an outcast of the outcasts who say there’s no depth to his work. I wouldn’t know, and I confess to being unmoved by the hanging pictures in his gallery space. But his sculptures… these big gifts of happy for open spaces, sum up for me what he’s often quoted as saying: “For me, art can reflect the celebration of the simple and good things in life. This is most important to me!“ Just like Miami.

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