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Not every problem in the world can be solved with a shopping spree, unless that shopping spree includes an original Eliann.

Don’t be fooled by names like Irishka, Caterina, or Ariella.  As varied and diverse these names are, so are their corresponding bags.  According to Accessories Magazine, the line’s founder and creative director, Anzhelika Steenolsen, names each of her handbags after a friend.  Each as different and unique, as their individual human counterparts.

Wow.. to be immortalized in a handbag… Who wouldn’t want to be this diva’s friend?

Traveling Diva’s Favorite: Nelly Panther Bag

Medium Sized, Rich Cognac Brown Alligator with 18k Gold Panther magnet clasp and hardware. Interior zip pocket in Lamb skin.


From Eliann’s website: “Our goal only to captivate a woman’s heart and soul. In creating fine pieces, to instigate of womanly draw, set apart with an aura of conviction, an innate sense of style and restrained elegance, yet each cultivates the edge.”

I’m convinced.  Next time you see me walking by with my new Eliann, don’t hate.. .just get your own.

For more information on these fabulous bags visit eliann.co/fashion

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