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“Well, heck!  I Flyz too!” said the pilot to the drunk passenger (or vice versa)
Check out the newest product offering a helping hand to those trying to juggle a mobile electronic device while trying to relax on a plane trip. The iFlyz device is an in-flight, hands-free solution designed specifically for air travelers. The iFlyz’s suction cup firmly grasps any device relieving the strain of holding it for long periods of time while watching a movie, surfing through music or reading online. Using an adjustable clamp to attach to either an upright and locked seat tray or one that is open during drink or dinner service and has a flexible gooseneck allows the attached mobile device to be turned any angle or direction.
iFlyz has a simple three step process: attach your phone or media player to the iFlyz suction cup; clamp it to a meal tray in either the stowed and locked position or unlocked and down position; and simply adjust the flexible gooseneck to the ideal angle. The product is simple, durable and compact; ideal for anyone constantly on the go.  It is compatible with iPhones, iTouches, iPods, Blackberrys, SmartPhones, and PMPs of various brands. The iFlyz is 5.5 inches long and 2.5 inches wide, and weighs only two ounces.
The idea for iFlyz came as a way to make life easier for travelers trying to relax. “Being an early iPhone adopter and frequent flyer, I took note of all the other users on my weekly flights taking advantage of their time in the air to catch up on their favorite movies and TV shows,” said Alastair MacGregor, iFlyz International CEO. “It was immediately evident that I wasn’t the only person loving the new technology but hating that I had to hold my device to be able to watch any video content.”
MacGregor says that while there are a few multi-purpose device mounts or cradles on the market, the iFlyz is the only one designed specifically for air travel and the only one that works with the tray up or down.
iFlyz sells for $29.99 and is available at

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