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by Angela Rocco DeCarlo – copyright 2011


Friends from Chicago were visiting and we were giving them the Huntington Beach, CA tour… lunch at Duke’s on the beach downtown while gawking at the wetsuited-surfer dudes, who to Midwesterners, are exotic indeed.

They can’t quite believe that surfing can be, and is, for talented people, a profession.

Celebrating with old friends from back home is always special. That’s the time when a plain red plastic cup won’t do for your wine toast. It’s fine for the beach, but otherwise something more refined is required.

As we checked out the various gift shops around the beach area we came upon one store which had a collection of hand painted wine glasses that offered a surprise. There are several brands that produce these custom items.

There amid the flip flop and ladies’ shoe glass designs was a tulip wine glass featuring a fantasy Chicago Cubs marquee, city skyline and sailboats on Lake Michigan – all capturing the fun of a Chicago summer. Obviously, no one is going to memorialize a Chicago winter – that’s for sure.

Travelers love to take home treats from vacation destinations to remind them of happy times. It isn’t often one in on a California beach where the option to take home a memento of home is realized. A bit offbeat.

The hand painted glasses on display featured a wide array of designs, including a handful of cities other than Chicago, including Las Vegas and New York. The problem was there weren’t two of  Chicago and we both wanted to buy several for families members. Of course, courtesy demanded my friend get to take home the lone Chicago wine glass.

Our family of former Chicagoans,living in “exile” in Southern California, remain devoted Cubs fans. So when we spotted the Chicago wine glass we were delighted – it was fun and unique. I thought it was perfect for my three Cubs-loving sons who would get a kick out of the glasses. They are already in possession of Chicago shirts, blankets, hats, and other accouterments – a wine glass would make a good addition.

As I wanted additional Chicago glasses I did a little research on the brand. It seems the creative source behind the vast catalog of drinking implements is Lolita Healy. Her Designs by Lolita started out about ten years ago with martini glasses and expanded to the tulip wine glasses and then other household products. All have her distinctive stamp of eclectic fantasy. The wine glasses sell for under $25; they are not dishwasher safe.

If I were planning a party for next year with a guest list of 1200 or so I’d consider ordering our own special Chicago DeCarlo family design. Just a nice little fantasy…( Meanwhile, I’m hunting down more of the Chicago wine glasses. I need three to surprise my boys.

Angela Rocco DeCarlo
copyright, 2011

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