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On my travels to Barcelona, Spain, I discovered a Nobel Prize worthy invention called Compeeds.   They’re a band aids of a sort, but not your traditional kind that lasts twenty seconds, only to be found underneath your foot, in your shoe, while your heel suffers the first day of those new fabulous pair of shoes.

Lets face it, most men, even those metrosexuals, really do not realize that girls do not wake up soft, shaven and smelling oh-so-pretty.   And if you think you are one of those women who do, stop lying to yourself.  You don’t.  One week sans razor, a half way decent hair product  and some deodorant…. and you would be hanging out with a pint of ice cream on a Friday night in no time.

Shoes (fabulous ones) were not meant to always be comfortable.  I can not say that I know anyone who has worn their heels to work out. If you want a pair of shoes that feel like running shoes, then well… you have to buy running shoes.  Fabulousness sometimes means that our feet will have that occasional blister and perhaps a soothing pedicure, but so what.

SO. I have discovered Compeeds.  These small, invisible, comfy god sends that let me wear even the bitchiest of stilletos in comfort.   Carrie Bradshaw would be envious.

Unless you are hiking the Incan Trail, a girl needs shoe choices.  And now, with my discovery, I no longer am challenged to pack comfortable shoes versus my diva pair.  I bring 8 maybe 10 pairs knowing that I don’t have to look life a softball player on my travels to be comfortable.

Ultimately, now, all my heels are practical shoes.

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