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What is Matta Napkin?

It’s a daily drawing on a stolen napkin. My plan is to put a new one up on my blog every day for a year.  It might sound easy, but I’m putting my health in danger by eating so much fast food in order to get the proper canvases to create. Also, I dare you to buy nothing at a  Del Taco but then try to grab a stack of napkins… they will go over the counter to stop you. I truly am an American hero/visionary.


How did the idea come about?

I was watching a new-ish mom demand that a Subway Sandwich Artist give her free meat samples so her little boy could taste it before ordering. If the child didn’t like the meat, he’d spit it out on the counter. If he liked the meat he’d spit it out on the counter, accompanied by an approving grunt. It was the most wonderful thing I’ve ever witnessed… and I’ve seen puppies born. So I felt I  had to document the event by drawing it on a napkin to share it with the world. Unfortunately, that napkin was destroyed in a Mr. Pibb accident in my truck. Since then I’ve been drawing on napkins every day.


Who was your inspiration?

My wife Rose Abdoo who said, “You should draw and let other people besides me see it.” Since she is never wrong I began drawing.


Did you ever think it would get this popular?

No! I am delighted that people come to the site. It’s also extra cool when you see that folks visit the site from Australia, Greece and Malaysia. Now Malaysia might be a mistake as there’s a Malaysian Association of Tour and Travel Agents ( ) but I’m going to assume I’m huge in Malaysia until proven otherwise.


What is the weirdest / craziest response from a fan?

My father asked, “So are you going to be making fun of your mother and me on the internet now?” He’s e-mailed me almost six times asking the same question. It’s like the guy is obsessed with me!  Luckily, my lawyer has gotten a restraining order on both of them so I don’t have to be afraid to be on the internet.


Why Napkins?

They’re everywhere… except of course when you have a runny nose. Plus there is nothing worse than watching someone grab a pile of napkins the size of Eddie Money’s head then throwing the stack out without using them. I say put the extra napkins back or sneak them out under your shirt and draw on them later.


What is your favorite (s) MN?

Like any good parent… I don’t like the first ones…  I like the newer ones.


Any celeb MN in the works?

Starting at the end of the month I’m introducing “Guest Napkins” every Wednesday. I’m really excited and flattered that many people I admire have agreed to draw their own  napkins. Hopefully, one of the first napkins will be  by a person who has been one of the sites biggest supporters. One of the kindest people on the planet… I can’t tell you her name but it rhymes with Via Nardalos.


What does the future hold for Matta Napkin?

More napkins, more fast food, maybe a book and hopefully I become voted the third best napkin artist on the internet.


For more information on John Matta and Matta Napkin visit:

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