Latinos Outraged Over Donald Trump’s Comment Release Latino Cultural Manifesto

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Unless, you’ve been living under a rock watching only Fox news in a cave, you haven’t felt the wrath of Latinos and Hispanics in social media, a raging “radio bemba,” the term for Latino word of mouth.

Once adored and imitated by many, today, Donald Trump, is hated and scolded by major media moguls and celebrities alike for his anti-Mexican comments.

Former Miss USA co-host Roselyn Sánchez and Christian De La Fuente have publicly condemned Donald Trump for his behavior and have withdrawn their support from the competition. Natalie La Rose will no longer be performing at the Miss USA event, according to Billboard. According to CNN, Univision, NBC and Televisa have backed away from Trump, and on Wednesday, Macy’s announced that it was removing Trump merchandising from its stores after 700,000 people signed a petition.

CNN also reports: “Latin artists Juanes, Shakira, Maná and Eugenio Derbez offered support in videos and in comments during their concerts. In solidarity, Ricky Martin moved his foundation’s golf tournament from a Trump golf course in Puerto Rico to another venue. And Miss Universe sponsors such as Farouk Systems Inc. withdrew from the Miss USA pageant. Latinos took to Facebook and Twitter in Spanish and English and to myriad Latino organizations’ platforms, where many were motivated to sign a protest petition on initiated by El Pasoan Guillermo Castañeda: It gathered more than 200,000 signatures in less than three days.”

The outrage continues as Ted Cruz endorses Trump’s point of view. What? Where does he think his last name comes from?

But we breathe and zen out. We check our facebook, our twitter, instagram and pinterest…. we avoid periscope… and then…

Out the dark, a spark has ignited a fire… A roaring social media fire giving birth to new causes, uniting Mexicans, Puerto Ricans, Cubans, Chileans, Argentinians, Venezuelans, and more. Our own Enrique Ahumada says it all in his Latino Cultural Manifesto. Read on, get enraged, get inspired. Be UNITED. And rise above it all.

A Latino Cultural Manifesto by Enrique Ahumada

We believe that diversity and inclusiveness are not a goal but a journey.

In this part of the Americas we are known as Hispanos or Latinos.

Our skin tones conform of our own special rainbow –we go from white to black, yellow and brown.

Our ancestors come from Tainos and Caribes to Mayas and Aztecas; from Bororos to Canelas, and Carajás; from Incas to Huarpes, Mapuches and Patagones. In our foundations we worshiped ancient gods and built monuments that today are the cultural heritage of humanity.

We are the offspring of the original peoples who had been living in the Americas for hundreds of years BC, mixed with the Europeans, the Africans and the Asians that conquered, migrated, were brought in, and settled over a span of almost six hundred years.

While our roots are old and deep, our hearts and minds remain young; and our drive to influence the world is restless.

We believe in Pachamama, Jehovah, Christ, Allah, and Buddha; we practice Candomblé, Umbanda, Santería, and Voodoo; and we also believe in the Universe that we try to live in sync with.

We mainly speak Español. But we also speak Portuguese, Creole, Patois, Chibcha, Quechua, Guaraní, Nahuatl, Zapotec, Mixtec and many more languages.

Our short stories, our poetry and Magic Realism novels have inspired the entire world through books and movies; our art is hung in homes and galleries outside of our borders, and stands proudly in international museums; our music is enjoyed, danced to and sung by people that don’t even speak any of our languages.

Our culture is rich and layered, and represents who we were, who we are and hints, somehow, at who we can become.

We believe in the power of inclusiveness –both our art and culture are a living proof of that.

And in our diversity we are one.

And in our diversity we are one.

And in our diversity we are one.

And in our diversity we are one.

And in our diversity we are one.

And in our diversity we are one.

And in our diversity we are one.

And in our diversity we are one.




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