New Orleans Jazz Fest – A Diva’s ‘Woodstock’ or Her Name was NOLA

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I gotta say it:  Up until a few years ago, New York City held the number one spot in my heart.  Then came NOLA.  It was love at first bite.  From the incredible food, to the narrow cobblestone streets, to the artistic, caring, amazing people, this city captured my heart in a New York minute.

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If you’ve never been to New Orleans, you are truly missing out.   Don’t think of it as just an endless carnival, although it can be.  New Orleans is many things.  There’s Jackson Square Park in the French Quarter, where, on any given day you may witness a brass band parade or a wedding presided over by a voodoo priest.  Surrounded by artists, vendors, and most of all music, Jackson Square is the mecca of what down home New Orleans feeling.

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Next is Bourbon Street, just steps from Jackson Square.  Bourbon Street has survived fires, endless parties, and Hurricane Katrina.  Nothing can keep this stretch of road down.  It keeps rising up for more like a Phoenix.  Filled with jazz clubs, mom and pop restaurants and stores, Bourbon Street is the nightlife spot to go to in the French Quarter.

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A taste of chickory coffee and beignets from the famous Cafe Du Monde is all you need in a New Orleans morning.  An extra dose of powdered sugar, gave me the kickstart I needed to go explore this beautiful city.  Sporting my comfortable shoes, I walked down every street in the French Quarter.

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‘Boy town’ proved to be a sure fire favorite, as I accompanied Miss Avalon on her four corner street show.  She stopped cars and ‘vogued,’ graciously accepting roaring applause.  My drink matched her wig, so I took it as a sign and shared my Hurricane.  After all it was this delicious pink concoction that gave me the extra push to join Miss Avalon’s street show.

Miss Avalon Two Divas Boys on Bourbon

If there’s anything I vow to do every year is the New Orleans Jazz Festival, an annual blend of famous musicians and the trendy usual suspects, where Billy Joel and Cowboy Mouth were a must-see.  The food is a compilation of the local favorites, including the crab pouch, and gumbo. Yummy!

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Next time around I will plan better.  I will take my own comfy chair complete with footrest and drink holder.  Next year I will wear funky galoshes, and bring that fancy poncho from last years’ fest.  Next year I will take a waterproof camera.  Next time around I will camp out under the deluge and wait for the rains to pass me by.  Next year I will be singing in the rain… again.  And all the words in my English/Spanish dictionary will never define the uniqueness and freedom this city offers.  This, darling divas, is my ‘Woodstock.’


The 411 on NOLA Jazz Fest:

The 411 on NOLA Jazz Fest:
Last weekend in April & first weekend in May. The Heritage Fair takes place at the Fair Grounds Race Course, centrally located at 1751 Gentilly Boulevard, 10 minutes from the French Quarter. Hours are 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Advance adult ticket:  $40 (each ticket valid for one day only)
Gate Price: $50

See you in New Orleans!

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