Respected Italian Culinary Institute Lists Culinary Faux Pas

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IMG_3041According to James Hanning of The Independent “we’ve all committed them, but now, at last, we have no excuses. ”

The Parma-based Academia Barilla, which aims “to defend and safeguard Italian food products made by reputable artisans and certified denominations against poor-quality imitations”, has released a list of ten kitchen faux pas, to “teach foreigners how to avoid culinary horrors” in respect to Italian food.

The French have the Ministry of Culture in order to secure the beauty and finese of the French language, and now we have Academia Barilla’s guidelines to consider whilst we “mangiamo Italiano!”    The rules are as follows:

NEVER DRINK A CAPPUCCINO DURING A MEAL: A cappuccino is for breakfast and ideally should be drunk with something sweet. Although the Academia concedes it can be ordered afterwards, it points out that an Italian never would.

RISOTTO AND PASTA ARE NOT SIDE DISHES: Unless you’re serving it as part of a specialty dish such as l’Ossobuco alla milanese, it’s a faux pas.

DON’T PUT OIL IN THE PASTA WATER: Oil should be added after cooking.

DON’T PUT KETCHUP ON PASTA: ‘A true culinary sin’, says the Academia.

SPAGHETTI BOLOGNESE DOESN’T EXIST IN BOLOGNA: They eat their Bolognese sauce with tagliatelle and not spaghetti.

PASTA WITH CHICKEN IS NOT ITALIAN: ‘No one in Italy would ever serve such a dish,’ says the report.

CAESAR SALAD IS NOT ITALIAN EITHER: Its inventor was but the dish is not.

RED AND WHITE CHECKED TABLECLOTHS ARE UNKNOWN IN ITALY: Although that hasn’t stopped every ‘Italian’ restaurant not in the country from using them.

FETTUCCINE ALFREDO: ALSO NOT ITALIAN: While it was invented in Rome, the dish is entirely unknown in Italy.

FOOD IS FOR FAMILY TIME: Eating alone in front of the TV is not the Italian way. Instead, says the report, you should respect tradition (and your mamma) and share supper times with those you love.

There you have it!  Respect the Italian rules or it’s “no pasta for you!”

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