The Name of the Band is Cowboy Mouth

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One of the best bands my ears have had the pleasure of listening to is Cowboy Mouth, and during this upcoming Jazz Fest, that’s the tune this diva will be dancing to…

Following content taken from their website:

The term ‘Cowboy Mouth’ has been used in the poetry of Shakespeare and Bob Dylan as well as a play by Patti Smith and Sam Shepard. Usually meaning one with a loud and raucous voice, it describes the band well. With over 2000 concerts under their belt and many years of reviews lauding their live show, there is still one quote which best captures their show…..
“…on a bad night they’ll tear the roof off the joint and on a good night, they’ll save your soul.” — Cake Magazine
Cowboy Mouth is New Orleans rock n’ roll. Annually presenting roughly 200 shows per year, releasing nearly a dozen records, and featured on TV shows and radio stations everywhere, Cowboy Mouth has been seen and heard by millions of fans worldwide. For more than 15 years, the members of Cowboy Mouth have preached and shouted at the top of their lungs the joys of being alive and the joys of being in and from New Orleans, sharing a slice of Mardi Gras heaven with fans around the world. As frontman Fred LeBlanc has said,”If The Neville Brothers and The Clash had a baby, it would be Cowboy Mouth.”
The band’s 11 album releases include two records on MCA, one on Atlantic and several on their own Cowboy Mouth Records label. So far, the band has enjoyed domestic sales of over 450,000 units. But the album sales pale in comparison to the number of tickets the band sells to their live events. Cowboy Mouth shows are legendary, and have been witnessed by more than 8 million fans to date.
Always on the road, they’ve toured several times with their friends in Hootie and the Blowfish, BareNaked Ladies, Sister Hazel and Better Then Ezra.
Crowd participation is a must at a Cowboy Mouth show. Led by Fred’s larger-than-life presence, the band’s performances are high energy and extraordinarily intense, usually leaving audiences as drenched and spent as the band. Cowboy Mouth fans range from ages five to age eighty-five, but they have one thing in common – as Fred confides to the audience, “Cowboy Mouth is about pretending that you’re five years old, naked as a jaybird and about to turn the hose on your parents, and there’s not a damn thing they can do about it.”
A Cowboy Mouth show is always full of surprises, and have included guest appearances from Steve Van Zandt, Rob Thomas , John Popper, Art Neville, Johnnie Johnson (Chuck Berry’s piano player), Kyle Turley, Tom Arnold (Best Damn Sports Show), and Harmonica brilliance by Mark DeCarlo, to name a few. Their audience stretches from the festivals and colleges to the clubs and theaters they headline around the country. The band has also made several film and television appearances, including the Steven Soderburgh film “The Underneath,” MTV and VH1, Live with Regis and Kelly, Ellen DeGeneres Show, and The Late Show with Craig Kilborn.

The band is led by Fred LeBlanc, Cowboy Mouth’s maniacal drummer/lead singer (think the Tasmanian Devil playing drums like Keith Moon with a voice like Bo Diddley) and John Thomas Griffith on lead vocals and lead guitar.
Fred came to Cowboy Mouth after four years with the southern punk band Dash Rip Rock. Also an accomplished producer, Fred mixed the band’s first two studio recordings and also earned a gold record for producing Deadeye Dick hit song from the movie Dumb And Dumber, “New Age Girl.”
Griffith, (the Griff) had been friends with Fred for years before the two talked about forming Cowboy Mouth together along with two local New Orleans musicians. As the lead singer of ’80s band The Red Rockers, Griff had a top-selling album on Columbia Records. Their hit song “China” was one of the first hits on MTV, and is still played on the radio today. Griff has opened on tour with bands like The Go-Gos and U2, and was recently inducted into the Texas Guitar Players’ Hall of Fame.
The band’s rhythm guitarist Jonathan “JP” Pretus cut his musical teeth in clubs and bars in and around New Orleans and Baton Rouge for the better part of the last 10 years.
Bassist Regina Zernay, formerly of Dreamworks/Megatronic band Halfcocked, was fronting her own band, Méchant, when she met Cowboy Mouth. She’s played and recorded with over a half dozen local Southern California bands, including Big Violin (whose music was featured on The Real World), Red Delicious, and Jam Balaya (musical guests on two episodes of the TV show Half & Half).
Cowboy Mouth has just released a brand new live DVD, called “The Name of the Band is Cowboy Mouth.” Shot at the Roxy Theatre in Los Angeles, it’s one of Cowboy Mouth’s finest performances, capturing the excitement, energy, and top-notch musicianship of their live show in front of a thousand screaming fans. The band has also started recording material for their next CD, due out early next year.
3/1-3/14/09      Iraq/Kuwait       U.S. military bases       tbd
03/27/09      Charenton,La      Cypress Bayou      tbd      $15.00      21+
4/03/09      Tempe, Az      Tempe Music Fest      many      $35      all
4/08/09      Tulsa, Ok      Flytrap      one      $15.00      21+
4/09/09      Murfreesboro, Tn      527 Main      tbd      $12.00      18+
4/10/09      Louisville, Ky      Phoenix Hill Tavern      tbd      $15.00      21+
4/11/09       Memphis      Newby’s      tbd      $15.00     18+
4/16/09      Knoxville, Tn      Sundown in the City Festival      some      free      all      Concert in Market Square
4/17/09      Oxford, Ms      Library      tbd
4/18/09      Houston      Crawfish Festival      some     $8.00      all
4/19/09      Baton Rouge      Earth Day      tbd            all
4/29/09      Ruston, La     Rabb’s      tbd      $15.00  
5/01/09      Pensacola,Fl      Seville Quarter      tbd      $12.00  
5/02/09      New Orleans      Jazz & Heritage Festival      many            all ages
5/08/09      Kansas City      Knuckleheads      some      $18.00      21+
5/09/09      Council Bluffs, Iowa

Whiskey Roadhouse

Horsehoe Casino
none      free      21+
5/10/09      Denver      Bluebird      tbd      $21.00      16+
5/11/09      Boulder      Fox Theater      tbd      $20.00      21+
5/13/09      Salt Lake City      Urban Lounge      one      $15.00     21+
5/14/09      Boise      Neurolux      tbd      $12.00      21+
5/15/09      Seattle      The Tractor      one      $18.00      21+
5/16/09      Portland, Or      Doug Fir Lounge      tbd      $15.00      21+
5/17/09      Petaluma, Ca      Mystic Theater      tbd      $15.00      21+
5/19/09      Sacramento      Marilyn’s      tbd      $12.00  
5/20/09      San Francisco      Slims      tbd      $19.00      all ages
5/21/09      Los Angeles      House of Blues      tbd      $20.00      18+
5/22/09      San Diego      House of Blues      tbd      $17.00      21+
5/23/09      Phoenix       Martini Ranch      tbd        
5/24/09      St. Louis      Rib America Festival (Soldiers’s Memorial)      many      $5.00      all
05/30/09      College Station, Tx      Wolf Penn Amphitheater      tbd            all
6/05/09      Gulfport, Ms      The Dock      tbd      $15.00      all
6/06/09      Atlanta, Ga      Highlands Music Festival      many      free      all
6/11/09      New York      The Highline Ballroom      one      tbd   
6/12/09      Dewey Beach, De      Bottle and Cork      Virginia Coalition      $12.00      21+
6/13/09      Washington DC      930 Club      tbd        
6/19/09      Isle of Palms      Windjammer            $20.00      18+
6/20/09      Isle of Palms      Windjammer            $20.00      18+
6/21/09      Isle of Palms      Windjammer            $15.00      all
6/25/09      Oshkosh, Wi      Waterfest      many      $5.00      all
6/27/09     Milwaukee, Wi      Summerfest      many      free      all
7/16/09      Des Moines      Rib America Festival  Iowa Events Center      many      $5.00      all
9/05/09     Indianapolis      Rib America Festival (Military Park)      many      $5.00      all
9/12/09       Black Swamp Festival      Bowling Green, Oh       many      free      all

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