“When You’re In Love, The Whole World Is Jewish” Predestined For Success: SOLD OUT 6-Week Run

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Directed by Jason Alexander

Produced by Danny Gold & Billy Riback

When You're In LoveThe Hollywood theater scene is all a-twitter with the opening tomorrow of “When You’re In Love The Whole World Is Jewish.”   This impatiently-awaited-for show is currently sold out for the full six week run and anyone who is anyone will be there.

When You’re In Love is truly a labor of love – the love of comedy and of cherished childhood memories. Based on several ground-breaking comedy albums, this material has never been seen live until now. Producers Danny Gold and Billy Riback decided to mount the show for one simple reason: “We were both weaned on classic comedy,” said Riback, “and the albums “You Don’t Have To Be Jewish,” and “When You’re In Love, The Whole World Is Jewish,” were gut-bustingly funny way back then, and because of the timeless nature of the comedy, part character study, part self-effacing lampooning, but always sweet-natured and good-hearted, they remain just as hilarious today.”

With the world growing increasingly crude, rude, and mean-spirited; When You’re In Love brings the best of this timeless material to life. There is nothing in this show that would offend a nun, assuming one would come, and yet somehow it’s still funny. The producers felt “It would be refreshing to have a show that shies away from those well-known four-letter words and colorful phrases, yet still manages to elicit belly laughs. We only hope you enjoy watching our show as much as we did putting it together.”

Well, there you have it: Now try as hard as you can to see it.  Bribes may work, it’s Hollywood.


“When You’re In Love, The Whole World Is Jewish”
Greenway Court Theater
544 N Fairfax Ave  Los Angeles, CA 9003
Tickets: 34.99 – SOLD OUT
323.655.7679 ext.100

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