Three Parisian Divas in the South of France

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By Emanuela Cariolagian

We arrived in Port Grimaud on Saturday afternoon, quickly changed into our swim suits and went to catch some afternoon rays of sunshine on the beach.  We sat under the warm and soothing sun, which felt so good on our tanned skin, and quietly and peacefully read our books, from time to time reading to each other funny excerpts from each of our three different books…laughing and sharing…

As we sat along the bord de la mer, smelling the salty and crisp air of the sea…we heard the sea gulls crying and the waves crashing along the seaboard…the sound of these natural phenomenon made us relax even further into a tranquility and peace that rarely exists in Paris.  The fresh and clean air was beating against our soft skin delving us further into a meditative state of being…

We looked far at the sea, mesmerized by the waves that were dancing and seducing us…with the strong and green mountains behind the body of water… it reminded us of the hills of Spain.

And as we walked back to the cozy and quaint summer holiday villa along the canal and marina of Port Grimaud, we saw some boats go by and the yachts sleeping in their harbor, with colorful Venetian canal style villas in the back drop with Spanish tiles atop the roofs.  We passed a skipper who was hosting a bar-b-que on his boat…drinking wine, and enjoying the late afternoon with his family. 

After this blissful afternoon of enjoying many indulgences…the three girl friends from Paris enjoyed  velvety red wine over more intimate and friendly conversations…creating memories that will last a lifetime…

At night, the loud thunder and bright lightning of the storm scared us as if we were young girls again…we could not sleep from the yelling and crying of Mother Nature.  By morning, it is raining but it’s so peaceful and relaxing as we enjoyed our café et tartine on a terrace that we walked to near the house….

A picture-perfect South of France in Port Grimaud, near St. Tropez.

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